The Fixedgear bicycle, first invented in 1884 quickly became popular because it was an efficient and enjoyable form of transport. Having not invented the freewheel yet, most early day bicycles where fixedgear, it wasn't until 1889 that true track racing had begun!

120 years later and fixedgears have become incredibly popular because of there simplicity, efficiency and ascetic. The Fixedgear bike helped people reach incredible feats of endurance and set new world records for speed in recent years and has become one of the fastest evolving cycle sports on the road.

With the likes of the Red Hook Criterium series quickly gaining popularity, people are ditching the gears and adopting a more simple and thrilling style of road cycling. Simplicity and minimalism of design makes fixedgear an easily accessible from of cycling and with less moving parts that can break they are a hardy cost effective.