5 Reasons You Should Ride Fixed Gear

by Richard Hughes July 13, 2015


The humble fixed gear bike is as simple in design as it is elegant in operation, with so few working parts there is less to go wrong and with no gears to change wear and tear on your components is limited giving them a longer life span.

Control and Connection

Riding a fixed gear bike will give you more of a feeling for the road below thanks to the direct feedback through your drivetrain. In wet weather or icy conditions its greatly beneficial to feel any loss of traction and be able to correct it quickly.

Pedal Stroke

You may not know but riding a fixed geared bike helps improve your pedal stroke due to the fact you're attached to the bikes drive train, many serious cyclists ride fixed on the track or road as part of there training programs. In fact every stroke you take on a fixed geared bike will overtime help you smooth out your stroke and eliminate dead spots helping you engage your different muscle groups during a pedal rotation.

Self Expression

The fixed gear scene is a lot like the car modding scene in that part of the fun is playing around with and swapping out "modding" different parts for both looks and performance gain. 

Cost Effective

Fixed geared bikes are very cost effective, they have very few components when compared with a geared bike and as a result can cost a lot less.

Strength Building

When you ride fixed you can't freewheel meaning your legs are permanently engaged this really helps build your leg muscles and forces your body to learn to recover and dissipate lactic acid in your legs whilst still pedaling. 





Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes


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