New Beginnings

by derek holland May 05, 2015

So we went and did a thing....
Over a year ago now the concept to open an Australian online fixedgear boutique was born and since then its come a long way. Recently we decided to really up our game, with a new look website and branding plus heaps more stock available! We now want make this the go too site for all your fixedgear and SS needs Australia wide.

Our aim is to have a great selection of products, a flourishing alternative cycling blog, reviews, custom build articles and heaps more in the coming year. We want to help the scene grow by having lots of Australian fixedgear culture and events all in the one place. GET INVOLVED! if you have a website, new product or a fixedgear crew, we want to know about it, so please get in touch and let us know.


If you have any ideas, product requests or just want to help out, we would love to hear from you!

email us at

Watch this space

derek holland
derek holland


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