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We all know winter sucks but in Australia it really not so bad. So why should you let a little bit of cold or rain stop you from enjoying the freedom of riding your bike ?

Mind you it's not quite that easy is it ?  the alarm is beeping away and you hear the rain drops on roof. You hit that damn snooze button over and over and over again, and in the blink of an eye you missed your morning bunch ride - that de-stress and that great coffee with your mates.

I have missed more rides than I can remember because like you I convinced myself in those first few seconds of the alarm going off, that its too cold or wet to get up and jump on that thing I love the most.

Well that was until I really started to think about the kind of excuses I was making like "Shit I don't have that kit I really like to wear on a Tuesday",  "I don't have enough time to find my shoe covers now its raining" or "its cold and I forgot to charge my lights so I may as well go back to sleep...".

After a lot of analysis and experimenting I started to limit the kind of excuses I was making and started doing little things the night before a ride to help get myself get into the right head space.  

So here it is, 3 very easy steps I found are the the best way of getting me and hopefully you on your bike on those cold crappy mornings:

  1. Be Prepared - Get all your riding gear ready the night before, lay it all out so you have no excuses and your not running around in the morning
  2. Think positive -  Think about what is it that you enjoy about riding before you go to bed, your mindset before you go to sleep can help dictate the mindset when you wake up
  3. Don't hit snooze - Throw your legs out of bed and sit up, don't give it a second thought. That button is your enemy, never let it win!

Let me know in the comments below if these tips helped you get out in the morning and If you have any good methods of your own please, please share :)

Thanks and ride safe


Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes


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May 04, 2016

Hey Rich,

Good article!

I can definitely vouch for having the bike and clothing ready to go the night before. I pump the tyres up and even fill my water bottles and put them into the bottle cages, which just leaves me having to put the other gadgets on (GPS, lights etc.) which charge overnight.

Still working on the snooze button though!

Ride on,

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